hyde Park

Joseph playing in Hyde Park, London.

Cane Harvest

Friends after a long day of helping Joseph harvest.

Chanter cane harvester and distributor

Joseph Sampson is a harvester and distributor of California chanter cane (Arundo Donax). He sells cane primarily for dry/cold blown bagpipes such as Border pipes and Northumbrian pipes, but particularly specializes in Uilleann/Union pipes. All of the cane Joseph harvests is handpicked in the wild, from special locations throughout Southern California.

Size ranges

Joseph provides chanter cane in all sizes ranging from 14 mm/0.55″ to larger than 30 mm/1.18″ in diameter. Currently, Joseph provides two different kinds of chanter cane tubes:

Regular & Irregular cane

• Regular tubes are straight and fully round in circumference with little to no water marking.

• While Irregular tubes are not perfectly round or has some marks on it. An irregular tube can be split into quarter pieces and the unusable quarter(s) removed, therefore leaving 1-3 good quarter tubes that can be made into reeds. In these two types of cane.

More about Joseph

In addition to harvesting and selling cane, Joseph is middle school math teacher, plays the Uilleann pipes & Irish Whistles, and is a part-time reed maker for his own pipes and a few others.

“Joseph is located in beautiful HOT & sunny Bakersfield, California.”